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Obama Surrenders U.S. Economic Soverignty at G20

April 3, 2009

An extremely dangerous slippery slope…


Who is pulling the strings?

A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within” -Ariel Durant

Moving as quickly as he can to gut the USA and then divide its body parts amongst like-minded globalists, the USA’s Supreme Leader Barack Hussein Obama used the G-20 conference to begin his turnover of USA sovereignty to said internationalists and start the move toward a one-world government.


Called the Financial Stability Board (FSB), the pending international body’s legislation—which will of course override the US Constitution—states: “We agree to a framework of internationally agreed upon high standards. We will set up a financial stability board with a strengthened mandate to extend regulation and oversight to all systemically important financial institutions, instruments and markets”—including hedge funds, all—anything that they decide is important to the system—to endorse and implement tough new principles on paying (ph) compensation and to support sustainable compensation schemes and the corporate social responsibility of ALL firms.” The international community will now be able to determine the salaries and compensation of us all.

In the final analysis, the grand total of money to be looted from American taxpayers as a result of Obama’s commitments at the G 20 conference could easily surpass trillions of dollars.


In the name of holding big banks accountable, therefore, Obama has put the U.S. in the hands of “global institutions” that are somehow supposed to help provide a “global solution” to the “global crisis.” If anything, the record demonstrates that these institutions make human problems worse, not better.

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Dick Morris -G-20 Ends US Economic Sovereignty

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At this point, a mere 2 months into the Presidency of Barack Obama, it seems painfully clear that we have not only elected a deceitful knave, but one intent on the complete dismantling of our own defenses, with seemingly very little concern for the consequences.
The icing on this poisonous cake would seem to be that we ourselves will pay for our own destruction.
Regular readers will recognize this next quote, I have re-posted it often and have good reason to do so.  Those who have not read the article in it’s entirety should.  You will then understand why I repeat myself.. It will piss you off but what an eye-opener! Follow the link and as they say — read it all!

Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis

Yet, no one to my knowledge has yet connected all the dots between Barack Obama and the Radical Left. When seen together, the influences on Obama’s life comprise a who’s who of the radical leftist movement, and it becomes painfully apparent that not only is Obama a willing participant in that movement, he has spent most of his adult life deeply immersed in it.
But even this doesn’t fully describe the extreme nature of this candidate. He can be tied directly to a malevolent overarching strategy that has motivated many, if not all, of the most destructive radical leftist organizations in the United States since the 1960s.


The chart puts Barack Obama at the epicenter of an incestuous stew of American radical leftism. Not only are his connections significant, they practically define who he is. Taken together, they constitute a who’s who of the American radical left, and guiding all is the Cloward-Piven strategy.

Conspicuous in their absence are any connections at all with any other group, moderate, or even mildly leftist. They are all radicals, firmly bedded in the anti-American, communist, socialist, radical leftist mesh.

This calls for a taste of …

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Link @YouTube

How about?

“While Obama is out of the country let’s change America back.”

The Amboy Times links…thanks Kevin!

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  1. April 4, 2009 5:11 pm

    Our biggest danger to our country comes not from China or Russia, but rather from the “Democratic Party” led by Barry and his cohorts in congress. They will destroy this republic. Obama has done more damage in just over 2 1/2 months than has been done in over 2 1/2 centuries against the United States of America.
    Bob A.

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