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To Hillary Islamic Terrorist Piracy Is A Laughing Matter

April 11, 2009


An American is being held hostage. HRC should of at least spoken in a somber tone as befits the situation.
Not a giggle or a snicker mind you — she cackled.

Link @ YouTube

Yuck Yuck Yuck Hillary Secretary Second Rate

If the O Mis-Administration can not handle FOUR scurvy Somalians, the man (and I use that term lightly) has not publicly commented when pressed nor has he issued an official statement. Then what on God’s green earth will Obama do if and when (God forbid) we faced a large scale attack. What will Obama do cross his fingers and hope for the best? Oh aren’t we the fortunate ones… Prez Jelly Fish is at the controls. What is this a Sponge Bob episode?

Our leaders should start by calling the so called pirates out for what they are– Islamic terrorists. Not as Hillary said, “These people are nothing more than criminals” They are violent, they are Muslim and they have ties to al Qaeda. Nuff said! And proceed accordingly. Tolerance be damned!! Lives are at stake. Pussy footing around that fact will do nothing but make the US  appear weak and become more of a target. “We’re not at war with Islam“? Well this week you were proved wrong O. How does it feel to be bitch slapped by Islam as soon as you returned home from your appeasement apologist tour –submission accomplished.

POTUS O could chant “We’re not at war with Islam” as a mantra 24/7 and it would remain a most erroneous assumption.

Bite Me Obama!
Practicing the fine art of ‘naval gazing’.

The Washington Post reports that “The new administration is still defining its rationale for undertaking sensitive operations in countries where the United States is not at war…”  Not at war?  Hijacking ships full of Americans is not at war??!!

“President Pantywaist”

Or does Capt. Phillips still have time to be rescued? Does anyone in our chain of command have the courage to save that brave man’s life? Save the man’s life first and ask permission later…

Can I have a hell yeah?!

In related news, “French special forces stormed and freed a yacht held by pirates in a military assault

Sacrebleu! We have been one upped by the French! Yes the French.

Please keep Captain Phillips and his family in your prayers.


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