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CNN Slobbering Obama Sycophant Susan Roesgen… [Update 4]

April 16, 2009

…Offended at the Term Fascist.

When directed toward Obama but when it comes to Bush well…it is a different story.

CNN’s Susan Roesgen displaying such hypocritical superciliousness.

(2006) Bush Hitler – Look alike

Roesgen: “City officials aren’t the only ones wondering when federal money will materialize. Catholic school girls marched on Jackson Square. They and their teachers say more money is needed to fix the levees, and they hoped the President would stop by after his meeting with business leaders. But while a look-alike showed up with a wad of cash, Mr. Bush did not. Greg Meffert says he shared the city’s frustration with the President.”

(2009) Obama Fascist – Offensive

Check it!
Embedded video

Link @YouTube

Hey Suzie Q Biased much? Why don’t you and your pathetic on life support network merge with The Daily Kos.  The line has become so blurred one can not tell the two apart. Propagandizing twit.

Now in case you hadn’t heard the latest on our friend Susan Roesgen

CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen could barely get through her live shot at the Chicago tea party this afternoon. Over shouts of, “You’re not a reporter,” Roesgen quickly wrapped up an interview with an attendee, then said, “I think you get the general tenor of this. It’s anti-government, anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network Fox.”

Isn’t that just precious…

Fox responds


A Fox News spokesperson responds to TVNewser, “Judging by their lack of ratings, everyone seems to be anti-CNN.”

Pow! Right in the kisser!

Via Drudge:

8-11 PM ET

FOXNEWS 3,390,000
MSNBC 1,210,000
CNN 1,070,000

FOXNEWS BECK 2,740,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 2,185,000
CNNHN GRACE 1,336,000
CNN KING 1,292,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,149,000
CNN COOPER 1,021,000

H/T JammieWearingFool Who also posts on the envy green CNN & MSNBC  and their juvenile obsession with “teabagging”


Beth of Blue Star Chronicles has an excellant post on this, including the video of whiny faux objective journalist  “Slobbering Suzy Syncophat”.

CNN is feeling a tad overwhelmed…
American’s are voicing their discontent. So much so Suzie’s e-mail has been shut down. Ha!
Avoiding Criticism: CNN Shuts Down Anti-Tea Party Reporter’s Email Address – NewsBusters

It is pretty telling that on-air “reporter” Roesgen’s email address suddenly returns as address unknown, isn’t it? Why is CNN so afraid of hearing from its viewers?

If you’d like to email CNN about its unprofessional “journalists” try these other email addresses:

CNN Executive Vice President Ken Jautz:

Philip Kent, the Chairman & CEO of CNN:

Update 2:
From the dark underworld where sub-human bottom feeders dwell OKA Daily Kos:

Sycophant sympathy pangs

When will CNN fight back?

Fight back? LMAO That would be akin to a 90 pound weakling going up against Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime.

Riiiiiight. The left a bunch of sniveling babies.

You have to wonder if more reporters at CNN will step up like Susan Roesgen did and defend themselves from Fox’s onslaught of attacks. If they don’t, they deserve to fail.[…]

I shouldn’t have to point this out but I will and enjoy the hell out of doing so,  the biatch started it…

Here’s a choice Kos Komrade comment

“And some attackers are beneath vomit.
One technique our new President teaches is to react coolly and carefully to most opposition.

Yep Barack ‘thin skin’ Obama is one cool dude yep uh huh yep uh huh sure is … Where I come from it is called being a wussy but hey to each his own.

CNN’s all grown up. The Fox Brats should get spanked, but not in kind. With so much acrimony directed at the FAUX, somebody’s gonna crack. OD, relapse, psych ward or scandal. The pendulum always swings back. .”

Delusion seeps from their pores… The dude does not get it –at all. This is CNN’s pendulum moment. Schmack. Cry. Repeat.

Update 3:

Watch Susan Roesgen get an ear full from a Chicago Tax Day Tea Party participant. The woman takes her to the mat.

Damn this is good video fun!

Grab you popcorn and enjoy.

Founding Bloggers Exclusive! Our Footage Of The CNN Chicago Tea Party Throwdown
Embedded video

Update 4:

Edit: Citing copyright issues CNN had this video removed from YouTube. Leaving it up so all can see.

Link @YouTube

But do not dismay Founding Bloggers has uploaded a new version.
Embedded video

Link @YouTube

  1. April 16, 2009 8:35 pm

    Their bias just grows and grows. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. It is like drunk-naked-running-through-the-streets bias.

    Neil’s last blog post..My apologies . . .

  2. pammar permalink
    April 16, 2009 9:35 pm

    Just sent this to the emails linked in the Newsbusters post. Feel free to copy and resend
    Dear Mr. Jautz and Mr. Kent,

    I just saw a clip of the exchange between Ms. Roesgen and a couple of the Chicago Tea Party goers, and quite frankly, it was extremely disturbing. I know everybody has their biases which influence how they interact with people, but I expect a professional journalist to be able to leave those biases behind after stepping in front of the camera and faithfully report the news as they see it. Ms. Roesgen actually became the news. Rather than reporting what she was observing and engaging the people in discussion, she actually argued with the participants, and refused to let the two gentlemen explain themselves. There is no excuse for her poor behavior.
    I used to watch CNN exclusively, but in recent years have only been an occasional viewer. This incident and other similar examples of biased reporting have reminded me of why I have stopped viewing CNN regularly and have convinced me to ignore it completely from here on out.

  3. April 16, 2009 9:43 pm


    You said it my friend…

    It is like drunk-naked-running-through-the-streets bias.

    and extremely well I might add!

    Bravo! Now that is a letter of complaint

    Thanks again

  4. April 16, 2009 9:47 pm

    Send Tea bags to: One CNN Center, PO BOX 105366 Atlanta GA 30348 Re: Susan Roesgen


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