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New DHS Threat Levels

April 17, 2009

Via Obamanation!

Fox News, talk radio and right wing blogs are considered to be at Threat Level Orange!

Right now, we remain at Threat Level Yellow, though please be advised that Fox News, talk radio and right wing blogs are considered to be at Threat Level Orange!

While the new Administration may no longer feel threatened by the masses of undocumented future Democrats crossing our borders in unknown numbers or the many worshippers of the great and peaceful faith of Islam who may sometimes accompany them, we do feel there are, unfortunately, much more sinister threats staring all of us in the face… Conservatism and Libertarianism!

I wish to reassure all Politically-Correct Americans, that every possible step is being taken to protect our newly acquired power from the grasp of this creeping evil, but we must remain ever-vigilant, or a non-liberal Democrat may win an elected office in your area at sometime in the near future. To aid in our joint struggle against these extremists, we have updated the color-alert system developed by the previous administration and will be issuing advisories along with specifics about any known threats such as VFW meetings, future “Tea Parties” or Republicans shown within striking distance in any election poll.

Go read it all, worth your time I promise. 😉

H/T Alamo City Pundit


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