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UK: The People Of Luton Pushback Against Muslim Extremism [video]

April 20, 2009

Taking it to the streets.

People of Luton Protest against Muslim Extremists
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Link @YouTube
H/T Baron Bodissey @ Gates of Vienna via Lionheart
A special thank you to Larwyn

The back story…

Muslim Rage at Military Parade: An Ominous Sign for UK– Pajamas Media

It is truly beyond the realm of belief, but on March 11 this happened in Luton, England: two British citizens were arrested by the police because they dared protest against a crowd of foul-mouthed Muslim demonstrators who had assembled to shout hate slogans at a parade of British soldiers. In the word “demonstrators” we find “demon,” and the behavior of the young British-born Muslims, accompanied by a crowd of women in burqas, was demonic. Instead of apprehending the abusive radicals, whom some in Britain would regard as fifth-columnists, the police set about arresting two army parade supporters whose rage was, in the view of the nation, well placed.

As my esteemed colleague Ruth Dudley-Edwards observes in the Telegraph of March 11 and as I said in my article “This Shameful Ranting Must Stop,” the British government’s “pandering” to Islamic radicals has to be brought to an end. At the March 11 rally the Muslim protesters shouted abuse at the parade by the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment, recently back from Iraq, and carried posters covered in incendiary slogans: “Anglian Soldiers: Cowards, Killers”; “Muslims Rise Against British Oppression”; “Butchers of Basra.” Outraged residents of Luton began to shout counter-abuse at the Muslims as the soldiers marched by and two non-Muslims were arrested. The radicals were allowed to continue unhindered.[…]

Muslim rage at Soldiers homecoming parade Luton -March 11 2009


Click through to view "muslim protesters disrupt soldiers' homecoming march" at YouTube


D-day march promo video: The heroin Jihad – Lionheart

Short promo video stating one reason why people should join us on the streets of Luton this coming June 6th.

Additional info:

Facebook group: St George & D-day in Luton

Now for some eye-opening perspective:
Same town –appeasing Muslims

Gee I wonder why?

Luton’s Council is Labour-run with 26 Labour councillors, 17 Lib Dems, and five Tories. About one in five councillors are Muslim.

Oh that explains it!

Luton: Pro-Gaza * Anti-UK -Israel-U.S. March (January 11 2009)
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Link @YouTube

Quote taken from info on video’s YouTube page

I would like to point out something positive from this event. Muslims who would not normally be seen together due to their differing opinions gathered for a common cause; Israeli and US oppression against Muslims. This is not something new.

The leaders of today need to be worried. It may be only Luton, but Muslims can and will rise up to support their brothers and sisters wherever they may be and are willing to ditch their ego’s and shed their differences and work to establish a global Islamic Empire.

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  1. December 4, 2009 6:55 pm

    the muslims come from terrible countries to the west only to make the west terrible countries….the muslim protesters should be beaten and then deported. when the last one is back in the hell of a country we should nuke it.

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