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South Park Like Cartoon Mocking Terrorists Banned at YouTube

April 25, 2009

Irreverent infidel satire on a Saturday night. I couldn’t of planned it much better myself.

via Jawa Report

Meet the brothers Ahmed and Salim, two normal everyday teenagers who have Facebook accounts and are wicked good at Guitar Hero.

Also, they’re terrorists.

There are six episodes in all, including one already banned by YouTube, and if you can get past the canned laughter they’re all pretty funny.[…]

Warning: Embedded videos contain subtitles and audio which  some may find offensive. Like I said ‘South Park like”

Embedded video

Link @YouTube

Here is the banned episode. Daily Motion still has it up
Embedded video

Ahmed & Salim | Ep. 4
By ahmedandsalim

H/T Infidels Are Cool

Official YouTube account: tomorsketches
Ahmed & Salim’s homepage.

Shocker! The UAE has jumped on the ban wagon.

Get a grip Islamotards it is not “anti-Islam” it is anti-terrorist.
I believe I’ll open up that bottle of wine I have had chilling and laugh at those who can not laugh at themselves.
Somebody’s gotta do it, it may as well be me. 😆
Cheers 4Cheers! To those who can.
And a big ‘ol Allah FUBAR to those who can’t.


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