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Oslo: Non-Muslim school girls coerced into wearing Hijabs

June 1, 2009

Soft Islamic indoctrination is being served up at a public school in Oslo Norway.

You’ll be so pretty in a “colorful, and glittering hijab”

I do not know which is worse. That non-Muslim girls are being coerced into wearing a hijab, a symbol of oppression.  Or that “only five percent of the pupils (at Vahl Grade School) are ethnic Norwegians”

Just before Easter, Human Rights Service (HRS), the Oslo-based foundation for which I serve as information director, got a tip about what was described as an intense pressure to wear hijab at Vahl Grade School in downtown Oslo. Sources connected to the school told HRS that a female employee of Pakistani origin was openly trying to push hijabs on girls as young as first graders. She flattered the girls who didn’t wear hijab by telling them how pretty they would be if they only put on hijabs, and said that she could give them hijabs as gifts. The woman works for SFO (Skolefritidsordning or “School Free Time Arrangement”), which provides volunteers to take care of kids before and after school hours, and also works as a classroom assistant. In March she got the head of SFO to write the following note to the parents of two non-Muslim girls: “Can X get a hijab from SFO on Tuesday, March 31, 2009?” The letter is dated March 30 and signed by the head of Norwegian SFO. HRS has the original letter. We also have a photograph of posters from the school building announcing prayer times for the children.

An employee at Vahl School explains the spread of hijabs at the school to HRS in this way:

“In first grade, about half of the Muslim girls show up in hijab. By the time they’re in third grade, pretty much all of the Muslim girls are in hijab,” says this person who wishes to remain anonymous.

At Vahl School only five percent of the pupils are ethnic Norwegians. And as we know, children want to be like other children. When the Pakistani woman tried to press hijabs on two non-Muslim girls by telling them how “pretty” they would be in hijab, it was likely not difficult to “convince” the children: they surely wanted both to be pretty and to not stick out.[…]

Turning the tables. What if a non-Muslim staff member was going around telling Muslim girls how pretty they would be if their hair was uncovered.

The screams of islamophobia would be deafening.

On a disturbing related note…

Western females are being gang raped by Muslim immigrants at an alarming rate. The Muslim men see them as “sluts” deserving their vicious attacks. Since they do not dress modestly as subjugated Muslim females are forced to. And remember the “uncovered meat” comment by the Muslim cleric in Australia?

“The nation’s most senior Muslim cleric has blamed immodestly dressed women who don’t wear Islamic headdress for being preyed on by men and likened them to abandoned “meat” that attracts voracious animals.”


The remarks came during a Ramadan sermon in a Sydney mosque as the Sheik was trying to justify the actions of a group of Muslim men who had been jailed for alleged gang rapes.

Even a female, mind you, a western female would make such a statement!

Norwegian Professor Ms. Unni Wikan, shows for Muslims raping Western women: Norwegian women must take their share of responsibility for these rapes, as they are not dressing and behaving according to Muslim understanding. The Norwegian women, in her view, are to realize that they live in a multicultural society and adapt themselves to it,

We need to stand up against islamification before we end up on our knees. Permanently. It is breathing down our necks. I do not know about you, but I’d rather be dead than to be enslaved by heathens.

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