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Video: Hijab Clad Islamist Biatch Crashes Vigil For Pvt William Long Meanwhile The Jihadi Shooter Has New Game Plan –Brainwashing

June 6, 2009

Pvt William Long who was shot down in cold blood
by an American muslim convert– jihadi last Monday.

"Jihad Jane" STHU & GTHO Here is a road map for you. Pick a muslim friendly area and LEAVE. Allah FUBAR

Link @YouTube
H/T Diamond Tiger @Logistics Monster
Eye witness account from keeparkansaslegal

Channel 11 was the only TV crew out there with a camera, and the AR Dem Gazette sent a reporter and a photographer. The event had several speakers who did a wonderful job. Video footage of them will be uploaded soon. However, the most shocking part of the event was when a muslim fanatic crashed the event. The fanatic drove by and yelled at us, then parked in the parking lot and stood out with a homemade sign yelling anti-American and later anti-Semitic comments. Had this been a ceremony for Tiller, this would have been the top story for both local and national media. Since it isn’t a top story, it’s up to you to send this to as many people as possible. In case youtube deletes the video or the account, here are multiple links to see and share the video footage.

BTW The filthy terrorist (Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad) who gunned down Pvt William Long is now claiming he was brain washed while in Yemen.  His new attorney is hard at work. Spinning the story of an innocent who is deserving of sympathy. Why of course.

Jim Hensley has the reputation of taking cases some consider impossible to win. Friday, he took the defense of a man accused of crimes Hensley say might not be his fault.

“He said there were some things that happened. He didn’t want to say because he was embarrassed,” Hensley said. He said they deprived him of food, sleep, slapped him around and threatened my life.”

But bold enough to kill an American soldier on US soul.  A radical muslim convert unflinchingly kills without blinking an eye still maintains his personal modesty. A walking islamist cliche’


A middle class kid who converted to Islam and changed his name from Carl Bledsoe in 2006. He then traveled to Yemen where he taught English to children.

After overstaying his visa, Muhammad went to a Yemeni prison for several months where Hensley says he was tortured and brainwashed into possibly revolting against the U.S. government with deadly force.


“I don’t think there’s any question he was brainwashed,” Hensley said. “It had to happen over in Yemen because he wasn’t exposed to that stuff and certainly it didn’t appear he had it before he went in to the prison.”

Chain of events: In 2006 Carl Bledsoe converted to Islam and changed his name to Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad. THEN he traveled to Yemen. Hensley you give away the holes in your story. The picture of an average boy next door (who just happened to of converted to islam) you are trying to paint may of been putting on a false face so he could blend in. You sir are an idiot. He very well could of soaked up plenty of terror infused ideals here in the US amongst his muslim mentors then decided to kick it up a notch and go for a grad course in Yemen. Do you think the 9/11 terror highjackers went around screeching Allah Ackbar? Dumbazz…

Or a possible second scenario he was radicalized even further in the Yemeni prison by fellow inmates. If it happens in US prisons it sure as hell can happen in Yemen.

Or both.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Mohammed Albasha said Abdulhakim Muhammed “was not subjected to torture that has driven him to become a terrorist.”

Yemen discounts torture claims. Time will tell. It will all come out in the wash, hopefully Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad will be hung out to dry. For a looooooong time….

  1. June 6, 2009 11:09 pm

    Frickin’ ugrateful Muslim skank, these people are mouthing off more and more I’ve encountered myself as they think they can just get on the horn and cry racism and hate crime whenever someone challenges their camel chapped asses/ If that skank got in my face like that I’d follow her home and that would be the beginning of her problems, boy am I boiling listening to this broad/’;//

    The next time this country thinks about coming to the aid of another Muslim I’m goin’ off Velvet

  2. June 7, 2009 5:35 am

    Not for one damn minute would anyone of allowed a Nazi to protest at a soldiers memorial who lost his life at the hands of a Nazi. Not for one damn minute. This country is so far whack I do not know if we can ever recover. Damn them all. Damn all the idiotic bastards who voted for the weak appeasing apologist Obomination. And damn him for thinking he is man enough to be the leader of the free world. NOT even close. He is a pathetic joke who will take us down a road to ruin if he succeeds. Which is his intention.

  3. June 7, 2009 5:52 am

    Obama’s handpicked P.O.S. disgusting excuse of an Attorney General Eric Holder set free militant Black Panther jackboots who threatened and intimidated voters in Philly. And is forcing the hand of the state of Georgia to allow illegal voters. Is making muslim rights a top priority! Forget the rights of American citizens private personal choice in their right to vote! And to feel safe and secure while at a polling station! Forget the fact that only American citizens SHOULD be allowed to vote! Not important!

    “The President’s pledge for a new beginning between the United States and the Muslim community takes root here in the Justice Department where we are committed to using criminal and civil rights laws to protect Muslim Americans. A top priority of this Justice Department is a return to robust civil rights enforcement and outreach in defending religious freedoms and other fundamental rights of all of our fellow citizens in the workplace, in the housing market, in our schools and in the voting booth.

    “There are those who will continue to want to divide by fear – to pit our national security against our civil liberties – but that is a false choice. We have a solemn responsibility to protect our people while we also protect our principles.”

    “After eight years in which American Muslims saw their rights as citizens curtailed, (WTH? Fine talk coming from stealth sharia terrorist front group!) we welcome Attorney General Holder’s pledge to renew civil rights enforcement and outreach efforts,” said CAIR National Board Chair Larry Shaw. “We agree with the attorney general that our nation can and must be both free and secure.”

  4. June 7, 2009 5:23 pm

    That a$$-clown now occupying the office of president is, however, not a benign–a nice–clown. He holds the power, and he knows it. He relishes it–power of those whom he, when he was a “community organizer” (rabble-rouser in the black communities) saw as the enemies of the “down-trodden”–“his” people. well, sort of, there was also the other side.

    The misbegotten issue of an ill-matched pair–a polygamous drunkard, aspiring to higher intellectual accomplishments, and afforded the opportunity via racial preferences at our highest intitution of learning, and a hippy chick whose guilt at being white sent her into liaisons with men of a different, exotic but un-American, background.

    A “cute,” beguiling youth–when one looks at the phtographs with hair and straw hat–the young clown was afforded all the prefrences that this guilt-prone nation could offer. Accomplishments were not necessary in his path to glory–and power.

    Resentment and hate deep in his being, he found like believers in an Afro-“Christian” church and of course hobnobbed all along with the Moslems echoing his absent father’s ideology.

    This clown is dangerous, he has power over our lives, our bodies, our freedoms. Do not for a second believe that the Constitution and its Amendments will protect you. He, the clown, and his coterie, have figured out the path to negating this document and its amendments, to twist and break the intent of the Founding Fathers for what kind of a nation we should be.

    The stashing of ammunition and the wherewithall to use it to remain free can be countered by a declaration of martial law. The freedom to publish on the internet, such as here, can be curtailed via the clown’s “internet czar” and his edicts.

    If you follow the rise of the dictator Hugo Chavez in Venezuela you can see how the tyranny was accomplished there and how this can happen here.

    The resistance to Hugo Chavez have devised–non-violent ways–to balk the incursions of the dictatorship into the lives and personal liberties of the regime. Many of these have been published, mostly in Spanish. An examinationof these and their suitability for application to the situation here in the United States is needed.

    Leslie White’s last blog post..OBAMA DOESN’T KNOW SQUAT ABOUT ISLAM

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