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Sunday Toonage: Iran Election

June 21, 2009

Twitter Poops on Iranian Regime

H/T Bluegrass Pundit

Ahmadinejad and a heil-missile – Riberhan

Iran-I-am – Sage Stossel


[Update XI:] Iran closes Al Arabiya’s offices in Tehran] Iran Erupts: Sham Election Ignites Heated Protests
[Updated w/ report of police brutality – photo] Video: Iranian Riot Police on Motorcycles Ram Straight Through Protesters
Iran Jamming BBC Satellite Used to Broadcast BBC Persian TV
Open Thread-Iran Election Aftermath [Update 6: June 15 election protest-photo AP photog. reports seeing 1 person shot & killed]
Video: In Iran a Basij militia armed with an AK-47 opens fire into crowd of protesters from rooftop
Twitter Alert: #IranElection “So you want to help Iranians, but you’re not actually in Iran? Here’s what you can do to help”
Twitter Alert: #IranElection Cyberwarfare Guide
#IranElection: US State Dept Asking Twitter to Stay Up
Ahmadinejad’s Coup d’Etat? [Updated: Video of Makhmalbaf’s at European Parliament]
One of these Obama “quotes” is not like the others
Flight 93 Memorial Blogburst: AP up to old tricks–Obama did NOT say that Iran must respect voters’ choice


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