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Poll: Should The Burka Be Banned In The U.S.?

July 2, 2009

Should America Ban the Burqa? – Chesler Chronicles


Earlier today, Muslims demonstrated in Antwerp to oppose the banning of headscarves in two schools–and the new Swedish head of the European Union, Justice Minister Beatrice Ask, stated that the “27 member European Union must not dictate an Islamic dress code…(that) the European Union is a union of freedom.” As my readers know, yesterday, al-Qaeda threatened France because President Sarkozy had called for a ban on the burqa.

Religious Muslim scholars and other experts disagree profoundly about this. Some say that such attire is merely a pre-Islamic, desert-based custom that has nothing to do with Islam. For example, in 2009, the Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) urged Canada’s government to ban the burka. Mafooz Kanwar, a professor and an MCC director stated: “The burka is not mandated by Islam or the Qur’an and is therefore not religious and protected under the Charter. In Canada, gender equality is one of our core values and faces are important identifying tools and should not be covered. Period.”

Other Muslim scholars insist that such attire is an Islamic custom (if not an actual law) which women must follow in order to be “modest.”

In addition, and for this reason, the burqa (and niqab ) may also lead to health hazards. Lifetime burqa wearers may suffer eye damage and may be prone to a host of multi-factorial diseases which are also related to Vitamin D (sunlight deprivation ) deficiency e.g. “osteoporosis, heart disease, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, certain cancers, depression, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain.”

I therefore suggest that we begin a national conversation about whether Americans should consider banning the burqa not only for security-related reasons but on the grounds of human rights/women’s rights and for health-related reasons.
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niqab.jpgOne very good reason behind many in the west’s desire to ban the burqa. The complete anonymity the burka allows the wearer, is reason enough for a ban in my humble opinion. And personally I like to see faces of those around me! As I’m sure many would agree. It is utterly inane for anyone to expect/demand the allowance of such a ridiculous article of clothing. Burkas/niqabs creep people out. Oh oh, how islamophobic of me. [roll eyes] Heh. As if I care.

Imagine if you will, a teacher or a medical professional wearing a burka/niqab. How could any level of trust be established, if one couldn’t even see their faces?

Or how about this scenario? A clerk at a convenience store has one of the burka/niqab covered peeps walk into his store? That could not be a comfortable situation by any means! To say the least. In my area during Halloween no one can enter any public building with their faces completely covered with a mask. Makes all the sense in the world.

Or even worse, what if one would stroll into a bank or any government building! That should not be allowed under any circumstances. When you walk around covered from head to toe, you freak people out. A normal reaction that should be expected. Not whined about.

Security and trust should over rule sensibilities.

I say yes. What say you? Vote here.

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