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Action Alert: Parade Magazine Says YOU (Opponents of ObamaCare) Don't Really Exist

July 14, 2009

Just found this e-mail from Americans for Prosperity in my inbox and thought I would share it with all of you.

Propaganda for the masses courtesy of Parade Magazine:

Dear Velvet,

Want to know what some in the media think of Americans like us who love our nation and are willing to work to preserve our freedoms?

This past Sunday, Parade Magazine (that insert in tens of millions of Sunday newspapers) derisively wrote that the efforts of Americans for Prosperity Foundation, our affiliate organization, to discuss the public policy implications of a government takeover of health care is “astroturf,” only a “so-called grassroots” operation.

Parade’s writer went on to say “so-called grassroots campaigns are often effective because they’re thought to represent the will of the people.  But what politicians — and many ordinary Americans — may not know is that some ‘grassroots movements’ are actually sophisticated marketing campaigns financed by business and special interest groups.”

Across the nation, literally hundreds of thousands of American citizens LIKE YOU are calling or e-mailing their senators, signing Americans for Prosperity’s petition to Congress saying “Hands Off Our Health Care!,” and attending rallies in places like Helena, Montana and Richmond, Virginia and Little Rock, Arkansas…

…and Parade Magazine derides the passion of these great Americans for simply standing up and fighting.

I think we should do two things in response.

First, we need to make sure Parade Magazine knows you and I are in fact real, live grassroots Americans who simply love our nation and want to do our part to preserve our freedoms by stopping government-run health care.  So, please take a moment to e-mail and call Parade to let them know that they’re wrong.

E-mail: Reporter Sharon Male, who wrote the piece claiming grassroots activists like you don’t exist:
Editor Janice Kaplan, who oversees the magazine:

Call: Parade Magazine to tell them you are a member of Americans for Prosperity and that you would like to be acknowledged with a correction in the Magazine: 212-450-7000

Let’s be polite and gracious in talking with them but let’s also be insistent that they correct the record by reporting that many, many Americans contacted them to let them know that Americans for Prosperity is a genuine grassroots movement and not what they suggest.

We want to be able to know how many of you contact Parade, so please email me at with a subject line of “Parade” to let us know you took action.  Just in case Parade Magazine does not set the record straight, we will!

In fact, the truth is we have not received a single penny of corporate money on the health care project.  The big corporate interests are busy lobbying for a piece of the government-run health care pie.  We rely on patients like you who are concerned about what’s happening in Washington and want to stop it.  If you would like to contribute to our effort, please click here.

Second, this Friday at Noon Eastern, you and I have a huge opportunity to send a grassroots message to the politicians.  We’re asking you to get family and friends and go to the local district office of your U.S. Senator and tell him or her to vote NO on the health care takeover.

Click here for the list of Senate offices in your area.  Then, please show up by Noon Eastern time on Friday.

Take pictures and send them to me at  We’ll post your pictures on our Web site and also blast them out to media outlets like Parade Magazine to make sure they see the passion out there across this country for freedom.

Tim Phillips

PS:  One last thing — and I know we’re asking a lot in this e-mail — but if you have not signed the petition to lawmakers opposing the Obama/Pelosi Health Care takeover, please do so now here.  Have fun Friday at the Senate offices, and contact Parade Magazine today and let us know you took action!


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  1. Anne permalink
    July 14, 2009 3:03 pm

    I wish they would leave the health care the way it is. He’s bankrupting our country!

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