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Obama vs Obama on the Stimulus

July 18, 2009

Emperor O –status quo lying to the American people.

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“President Obama changes course on the stimulus.
Where are the jobs?”

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To be a stimulus or not to be a stimulus. That is the question!

And just think Obama is not done trashing the economy yet!

House Democratic legislation overhauling the nation’s health care system would add more than $230 billion to the federal budget deficit over the next ten years, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the official scorekeeper of legislation on Capitol Hill.

Of course the CBO’s report shed bad light on Obama’s agenda so he continues to lie to save his precious arse and is stalling for time till he is able (God forbid) to cram his Health Care Reform down the throats of American’s.

[Obama]urged lawmakers Friday to take bolder steps to achieve health-care reform, and today in his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama called reform essential not only to expanding health care coverage to the 46 million Americans who lack it but also to restoring the nation’s economic stability.

This is an issue that affects the health and financial well-being of every single American and the stability of our entire economy,” Obama said

Which I believe more and more is his intention. Either that or Obama is a monumental fool.


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