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ObamaCare Roundup!

July 22, 2009

Death, taxes & Obamacare: Poster contest, Round Two - Michelle Malkin

Obama’s Remarks on Health-Care Bill – WSJ Blogs Washington Wire
July 21, 2009

We’ve agreed that our health reform bill will extend coverage and include unprecedented insurance protections for the American people. Under each of these bills, you won’t be denied coverage if you’ve got a preexisting medical condition. You won’t lose your health care if you change jobs, if you lose your job, or if you start a business. And you won’t lose your insurance if you get sick.

Not so fast Obama… “It’s Not An Option” IBD Editorials

It didn’t take long to run into an “uh-oh” moment when reading the House’s “health care for all Americans” bill. Right there on Page 16 is a provision making individual private medical insurance illegal.

Obama is apparently feeling the heat so…

Obama unleashes his flying monkeys – Don Surber
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Obama holds a conference call with the lefty bloggers to have them attack Republican Sen. Jim DeMint and Bill Kristol.
The president is allowed to talk to whom he wants. He talked to people with the Daily Kos and like-minded sites on Monday as he rolled out his counter-insurgency against public resistance to his takeover of the American health system — which is the best in the world when measured by actual medical procedures.


This is far from over. He has new tools to deliver his propaganda — heavy on emotion, light on details. Those tools are named Daily Kos, Think Progress, Huffington Post…

To top it off during Obama’s lefty “flying monkey” blogger conference call he admits he is not familiar with the content of the House Bill!

Morning Bell: Obama Admits He’s “Not Familiar” With House Bill

It is truly frightening that the President of the United States is pressuring Congress in an all-out media blitz to pass legislation that he flatly admits he has not read and is not familiar with. President Obama owes it to the American people to stop making promises about what his health plan will or will not do until he has read it, and can properly defend it in public, to his own supporters.

Later on Obama boasts about support from the American Medical Association (AMA)

The American Nurses Association and the American Medical Association, who represent millions of nurses and doctors who know our health care system best, have announced their support for reform.

Not such a big deal…

Increasing numbers of physicians do not see the AMA as their representatives. Less than 20 percent of physicians are AMA members and most of these physicians are not politically engaged. Furthermore, many physicians feel the organization has focused narrowly on representing physicians’ pocketbook interests while doing little to advance the patient-centered ideals that continue to drive many physicians.

Obama has the audacity to bring this up.

Time and again, we’ve heard excuses to delay and defeat reform. Time and again, the American people have suffered because people in Washington played the politics of the moment instead of putting the interests of the American people first. That’s how we ended up with premiums rising three times faster than wages. That’s how we ended up with businesses choosing between shedding benefits and shutting their doors. That’s how we’ve been burdened with runaway costs and huge gaps in coverage.

That’s the status quo. That’s what we have right now. And the American people understand that the status quo is unacceptable.

Oh really Obama? You don’t say? What about your and Harry Reid’s  votes against reform?

Interesting that the Majority Leader mentions “Greedy Insurance Companies,” because in 2006 and 2007, Sen. Reid and then-Sen. Barack Obama joined those “Greedy Insurance Companies” in opposing market-driven, freedom reforms of our health care system. Reid and Obama defended the status quo and the insurance companies by voting NO on legislation that would have created a truly national, competitive market for private health insurance, and allowed small businesses to pool their insurance plans to reduce costs and offer improved plans to their employees.

The votes

Reid/Obama voted NO on Allowing Americans the Freedom to Purchase Health Insurance Across State Lines. H.R. 976 (110th Congress, 1st Session, Roll Call 305). The Senate rejected an effort to allow Americans to purchase individual health insurance across state lines. The amendment offered by Sen. DeMint (R-SC) failed on August 2, 2007 by a vote of 37-62.

Reid/Obama voted NO on Expanding Access to Small Business Health Plans. On Motion to Invoke Cloture on the Committee Amendment (110th Congress, Session 2, Roll Call 119). The Senate rejected an effort to allow for the expansion of health care access and reduced costs through the creation of small business health plans and through modernization of the health insurance marketplace on May 11, 2006 by a vote of 55-32.

Now who is playing political games Obama? Hmm…?

And lest O and the MSM forgets. Which undoubtedly they would like U.S all to.
Obama Was Against Compulsory Health Insurance, Before He Was For It – Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

The current Democratic House bill on health care includes fines to force people to purchase health insurance, which is consistent with Barack Obama’s current position on mandates. This type of coercion, however, was criticized by Obama during the campaign, when he attacked Hillary Clinton’s health insurance plan because Hillary’s plan mandated universal coverage through fines and other mechanisms which forced people to buy coverage:


Watch the whole video for Obama’s impassioned criticisms of plans which mandate that people purchase health insurance under threat of fine.

Throwing this in just for kicks. Charlie Rangel (D NY) has an eye opening slip of the tongue. It’s good to know my suspicions are backed up by an Obama crony. Ha!

“No one wants to tell the speaker that she’s moving too fast and they damn sure don’t want to tell the president,” Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., a key committee chairman, told a fellow lawmaker as the two walked into a closed-door meeting on Tuesday. The remark was overheard by reporters.

More fun at the expense of Democrats. Bwhahahahahaha!

Good news! We’ve finally found a member of Congress dumber than Nancy Pelosi – I Hate The Media

And the award goes to…Missouri’s Democrat Congressman Russ Carnahan for his role as Barack Obama’s pathetic bootlicking lacky.

Carnahan recently held a meeting in his home district to drum up support for ObamaCare.
Go see what the fun is all about. >>>

If  ObamaCare fails will it be Obama’s “Waterloo”?

Meanwhile, a conservative South Carolina Republican, Sen. Jim DeMint, refused Wednesday to back away from his earlier assertion that the health care overhaul will prove to be Obama’s “Waterloo.”

Obama whines about DeMint’s “Waterloo” statement. Click image to view video on YouTube.

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Is Obama royally PO'd? Or is he trying not to cry? LOL

More whining from the O.

Obama what was that about “putting the interests of the American people first.”? More like putting your presidency first.


Recall Barack Obama whining the other day how “this isn’t about me”?

“Let’s just lay everything on the table,” Grassley said. “A Democrat congressman last week told me after a conversation with the president that the president had trouble in the House of Representatives, and it wasn’t going to pass if there weren’t some changes made … and the president says, ‘You’re going to destroy my presidency.’ “

Better Obama’s presidency is destroyed than Obama’s presidency destroying the country. Not that he cares. Heh. Besides Obama is doing a fine job of destroying his presidency all by himself.

…the latest USA Today/Gallup poll finds that more Americans disapprove (50%) than approve (44%) of the way U.S. President Barack Obama is handling healthcare policy.

Update: 53% Now Oppose Congressional Health Care Reform

HopeNChange baby!


Evidently The One couldn’t agree more, and with good reason. If he can’t deliver on his centerpiece policy goal with bulletproof majorities in Congress, not only will it haunt him in 2012 but he’ll have to reconsider the public’s appetite for the whole Hopenchange/Great Society agenda.

Now that is the ‘change’ I am ‘hoping’ for!

This is the change I expected…

Obama Trying to STRONG-ARM Congressional Budget Office into Better Health Care Numbers – Yid With Lid

Our Bully-in-Chief is at it again. His new target is the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Remember last week when the CBO testified before Congress about Obamacare being a budget buster, and how it will drive up health costs? That report was a major blow to the President’s push toward socialized medicine.

The report was truthful, but the truth does not play well in Chicago politics. In Chicago, when the numbers don’t work, you don’t change the program, you change the numbers. […]

And check this out:  Racial Preferences in the Democrats’ Health Care Bill

A nonmerit-based preference program based on an individual’s physical appearance or surname is no less a “badge of inferiority” than the one condemned in Brown v. Board of Education. Thanks to the Democrats’ racial preference program, all of the “individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups” at these medical schools and other entities, including those who deserved admission without the racial preference, will wear that badge.

My, my, my when will it end?

Hey Obama! You should have to eat your own ‘crap sandwich’. And don’t forget the ‘Mayo‘ Or maybe you should pass on the Mayo.

Suggested activism:

Socialized Medicine Is Not For America

There are 52 Democratic House members of the moderate coalition know as the “Bluedogs”. If 40 of them resist the socialized health care bills that are beginning to come down, they can be defeated.

You can help stop socialized medicine, and never leave your desk. Below are phone numbers, fax numbers and direct links to Facebook pages.

Contact list of Congressional Members
Senators of the 111th Congress contact list

Read online at Scribd: ‘‘America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009’’ House Health Care Bill

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ObamaCare image H/T Pronk Palisades

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