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Open Wide America Like It or Not Obama Wants to Shove "Reforma" Down Your Throats

July 22, 2009

Very clever. New RNC ad targeting Obama’s Health Care Reform.

A bitter pill…

Embedded video

Link @YouTube

Contact list of Congressional Members
Senators of the 111th Congress contact list
Blue Dog Dem contact list

Read online at Scribd: ‘‘America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009’’ House Health Care Bill

ObamaCare Roundup!
Action Alert: Contact List of Blue Dog Democrats Tell Them to Vote NO on Obama Health Care
Action Alert: Parade Magazine Says YOU (Opponents of ObamaCare) Don’t Really Exist
Class Action Lawsuit: Stimulus Act Jeopardizes Patients Privacy Rights
Full Transcript & Video: Obama’s Staged Healthcare Town Hall Meeting Annandale, Va. July 1 2009
Transcript: Obama’s “Prescription for America” June 24 2009
Tell the ObamaCare Shills at ABC News and their Advertisers How You Feel
Full Transcript: Obama Health Care Town Hall Green Bay Southwest High School June 11 2009

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