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Fitna- Video & Text

Fitna — the Text

“Warning: This film contains very shocking images.”

“FITNA” (shows Qur’an)

15 Minute Countdown clock (shows Mohammad cartoon … turban bomb)

Page turns…
“Quran Surah 8.060”

Sounds of chanting… text appears

“Prepare for them whatever force and cavalry ye are able of gathering
to strike terror
to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies, of Allah and our enemies”

(shows hijacked planes striking World Trade Towers on 9/11)
(people running)
plays a 9-1-1 call with a woman burning up in the towers
(people jumping out of the towers)

Transitions to Atocha train station bombing
(people fleeing, a blast and the aftermath)

(Imam superimposed teaching…)

“What makes Allah happy?
Allah is happy when non-muslims get killed.”

(another Imam… superimposed on the pages of the Qur’an)

“Annihilate the infidels and the polytheists.
Your (Allah’s) enemies and the enemies of the religion.
Allah, count them and kill them to the last one,
and don’t leave even one.”

(shows the bodies and the maimed in the train station)
(the train ripped open)
(bodies layed out side to side in black body bags)
(bodies with clothing and flesh ripped to shreds)

Page turns in the Qur’an…

“Quran Surah 4.056”

Sounds of chanting… text appears

“Those who have disbelieved our signs,
we shall roast them in fire
whenever their skins are cooked to a turn,
we shall substitute new skins for them

that they may feel the punishments:
verily Allah is sublime and wise.”

(Imam superimposed preaching…)

“If Allah permits us, oh Nation of Mohammad,
Even the stone will say, ‘Oh Muslim,
A Jew is hiding behind me, come and cut off his head.
And we shall cut off his head!
(withdraws sword and brandishes it)
By Allah, we shall cut it off! Oh Jews!
Allahu Akbar! (Allah is great!) repeated…
Jihad for the sake of Allah! repeated…”

(maddened crowd in headdress with raised fists)
(camera pans crowd)

“Victory to Allah!
Allahu Akbar! (Allah is great!)”

transitions to a child in Muslim garb
someone is asking leading questions…

“What is your name?

– Basmallah

Bashmallah, how old are you?

– Three and a half.

Are you a Muslim?

– Yes

Basmallah, are you familiar with the Jews?

– Yes

Because they are what?

– They’re apes and pigs.

Because they are apes and pigs?
Who said they are so?

– Allah.

Where did he say this?

– In the Koran.”

transitions to crowd walking
dragging a charred body through the streets…
another body is shown being dragged…

transitions to a blasted double decker bus
shows aid workers and the debris on the street

transitions to blasted subway train

transitions to a Muslim speaker on the news saying…

“The Jews are Jews.

(shows a crowd seated listening)

They are the ones who must be butchered and killed.

transitions to a group of children marching
in red berets, carrying automatic rifles

transitions to a woman in a black burqa
with a sign:


(shows more women covered protesting with signs…)


(Muslim men in black with faces covered in black)
with arms raised in a Nazi salute

transitions to another group of Muslim men
standing in ranks with green headbands
right arms raised in a Nazi salute
with others seated in front of them in turbans

Page turns in the Qur’an…

“Quran Surah 47.004”

Sounds of chanting… text appears

“Therefore, when ye meet the unbelievers,
smite at their necks
and when ye have caused a bloodbath among them
bind a bond firmly on them”

transitions to image of Dutch journalist walking
someone is interviewing him

“Don’t you think that someday there will be
an idiot who wants to kill you?

– No, I can’t imagine that.

You believe in the goodness of man?

– No, not in the goodness of man,
but in my own arrogance.

(transitions to newspaper page
showing the body of Theo van Gogh)

And has so much effect..
..that bullet will not come for me.”

(the headline shows “SLAUGHTERED”)

transitions to news story where
Hip Hop star Salah Edin’s face was
shown in place of Mohammed B’s by the Dutch newspaper DAG
in an article about the convicted killer.
[the implication seems to be that the similarity
in their looks is intentional]

[Salah Edin released “Holland’s Worst Nightmare”
just after van Gogh’s murder,
claiming “freedom of expression.”]

Mohammed B, responds in an interview…

“If I had the opportunity to get out of prison,
and I had the opportunity to do it again,
what I did no November 2nd,
Allah, I would have done exactly the same.”

transitions to Muslims protesting with sign:


subtext shows shouting…

“Take lesson of Theo van Gogh!
Take lessons from the examples that you can see!
For you will pay with your blood!

transition shows person in a crowd
with covered face holding a Quran and long knife

transition shows many raised hands
holding bloody knives
against the background of people in headbands

transition to newspaper page titled “HITLIST”
shows Geert Wilders with 3 others

transitions to Muslim official seated behind wooden stand,
shown on Saudi TV..

“Houses and young men must be sacrificed.
This is the path to victory.

transitions to black hooded men with rifles
standing in front of a black flag
with a blindfolded hostage in orange

the man in the center that has been reading
takes a large knife and saws away the head
of the hostage who screams, “Ahhhaggrh…”

transitions black hooded man holding up
the severed head for all to see

Page turns in the Qur’an…

“Quran Surah 4.089”

Sounds of chanting… text appears

“They but wish that ye should reject faith
as they do, and thus be on the same footing as they,
so take not friends from their ranks
until they flee in the way of Allah

But if they turn renegades, seize them and kill them
wherever ye find them and take no friends or helpers
from their ranks”

transitions to street interview of Muslims…

“Islam is a sacred religion.
The best religion there is.
If someone converts to Christianity,
he deserves the death penalty.”

transitions to an Imam preaching…

“Islam is (more) superior than Jews, than the Christians,
than the Buddhists, than the Hindus.
The only (law) Allah accepts is Islam.
(shows churches desecrated by muslims)
(shows the preacher again…)
And whoever seeks any other (law) apart from Islam,
will never be accepted.”

shows headlines…

“Ex-muslim Jami assaulted”
“Death to Rushdie”
“Death threats for Hirsi Ali too”

Page turns in the Qur’an…

“Quran Surah 8.039”

Sounds of chanting… text appears

“Fight them until there is no dissension
and the religion is entirely Allah’s”

transitions to Imam teaching…

“Islam is a religion that wants to rule the world.
It has done so before and eventually will rule it again.”

transitions to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking (Iran)

“The message of the (Islamic) Revolution is global,
and is not restricted to a specific place or time.
(shows crowd listening and returns)
Have no doubt… Allah willing, islam will conquer what?
It will conquer all the mountain tops of the world.”

(shows more listening)

transitions to another Imam…

“We have ruled the world before,

(shows listeners and returns)

and by Allah, the day will come
when we will rule the entire world again!”
The day will come when we will rule America.
The day will come when we will rule Britain
and the entire world!”

transitions to another Imam…

“Allah commanded us to spread this religion worldwide.”

transitions to another Imam…

“You will take over the USA!
You will take over the UK!
You will take over Europe!
You will defeat them all!
You will get victory!
You will take over Egypt!
We trust in Allah!”

transitions to a street protests with signs…


transitions to burning text…

“The Netherlands under the spell of islam”

more slides…
(shows mosques in the country and the city)

“The mosque will be part of the system of government of Holland.

transitions to a woman in a burqa…
pushing a child in a stroller.

shows a headline…

“Cabinet: no ban on burqa”

transitions to a bar list rising
against a background of muslims on the streets

“Number of muslims in the Netherlands

1909 – 54
1960 – 1399
1990 – 458,000
2004 – 944,000″

transitions bar list zoomed out
against a background of security guards

“Number of muslims in Europe

2007 – 54,000,000″

transitions to a man interviewed…

“- If my mother or my sister have sex
with someone else…
…then I will kill them too.

Then you will commit an honor killing?

– Absolutely.”

transitions to an Imam teaching…

“In the Netherlands, for example,
one is allowed to commit adultery or to be gay.
But I don’t feel called upon…
…to be a party to that, because islam
considers something like that a crime.

transitions to a postcard of pictures of mosques…

“Greetings from the Netherlands”

(a speaker preaches…)
“Spoken in a Dutch mosque”

“they should denounce political parties…
…and worldly concepts like liberalism, democracy…
…socialism and everything associated with it
and originated from the human brain
“Spoken in El Tawheed mosque”
“If the married man, Allah forbid, commits adultery…
…or the married woman commits adultery…
then she will be stoned.”

transitions to Gays blindfolded, hands tied…

“The Netherlands in the future?!”

(next slide shows muslims putting nooses
around 2 gays’ necks)

(next slide shows 2 men hanging dead)

(next slide shows a boy with a bloody face
holding a bloody sword)


(several slides show babies and boys with
faces and clothing covered in blood)

(one slide shows a woman holding a child
helping the child hold a knife,
that has been used to slice the child’s scalp)

(next several slides show women bound
likely for the practice of genital mutilation
…with much blood on the floor)


(next slide shows the head of a woman beheaded)

(next several slides shows a woman in a purple
burqa shot with a rifle, execution style)

(more headlines are shown)

“Islamists take over”
“Laakwartier with Madrid in terror web”
“Sudanese demand execution,
British ‘miss teddy'”
“Threesome suspected of planning attack”
“Hell will break loose
What you need is a heavy bomb attack”
“We do not agree with freedom of speech
because we denounce democracy.
Islam is our Alternative.”
“Explosive increase honor killings Amsterdam”
“School closes on muslim holidays”
“Jihad-lessons in elementary school”
“Free trip to Mecca through islamic school”
“Ankara wants Turkish in classrooms here”
“Foreign imams allowed in more quickly”
“Van Gogh’s murder Mohammed B.:
‘My successors are ready”
“Van Gogh murdered after proclamation fatwa”
“Almost half of young Moroccans anti-western”
“Mosques under the spell of radical muslim group”
“Suicide commandos in the Netherlands”
“Hamas gathers in Rotterdam”
“Moroccans throw gay in water”
“Imams don’t like gays”
“Imam legalizes violence against gays”
“Throw gays from tall buildings”
“Mosque turning the Netherlands into a muslim state”
“Girls still genitally mutilated”
“Muslims hinder doctors taking care of women”
“Halal-fund: Investment for muslims”
“Al-Qaeda proclaims death penalty
Jihad against Wilders”
“Quran license to kill”

transitions to a Quran opened showing two ornately
penned pages…

(a hand reaches to turn the page)
(the screen goes black”

“RIPPPPPP” (the sound of a page tearing)
“The sound you heard was a page
being removed from the phonebook”

transition to text scrolling upward:

“For it is not up to me, but to Muslims themselves
to tear out the hateful verses from the Quran.

Muslims want you to make way for Islam,
but Islam does not make way for you.

The Government insists that you respect Islam
but Islam has no respect for you.

Islam wants to rule, submit, and seeks
to destroy our western civilization.

In 1945, Nazism was defeated in Europe.
In 1989, communism was defeated in Europe.

Now Islamic ideology has to be defeated.

Stop Islamization

Defend our freedom”

transition to open empty pages of a Quran
that shows the Mohammed-turbin-bomb cartoon…

“tick, tick, tick, tick…”
(the fuse burns down…)

(a timer counts down… 3, 2, 1)

there is a flash and lightning bolt..
and the sound of Thunder

transition to a Quran with the title
FITNA display beside

(credits roll during the last minute)
“Find the official Fitna website at…”

“A SCARLET PIMPERNEL production (c) 2008”
(shows fuze burning)
“a film by Geert Wilders”
(the sound of thunder)


Fitna Geert Wilders Transcript of Geert Wilders’ film Fitna (pdf.)

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