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Political Opposites: Geert Wilders Fighting for Free Speech vs. George Galloway Mouthpiece of Terrorists

March 26, 2009

Both European politicians, both banned from entering a western country in light of their respective views regarding Islam.  Dutch MP Geert Wilders speaks out on the burgeoning threat of Islam and it’s attack on free speech.  Unapologetic  and outspoken British MP George Galloway goes out of his way to defend radical Islam in a most appeasing blatant fashion.

Moving along…

Geert Wilders is being sued by the French human rights org (ADDH) for get this daring to speak the TRUTH.  Or as they so subtly put it inciting racial hatred. The French complaint is based on Wilders’ speech in New York last September. French human rights activists suing Wilders a Dutch Politician for a speech he gave in New York  last year. Can it get any more inane?

They work together with the Collective against Islamophobia in the fight against Muslim hatred

Islamophobia? Translated: We must not let the REAL truth be revealed.

Islamophobe (is-slahm-o-fohb) – A non-Muslim who knows more than they are supposed to about Islam.

Speaking of Geert Wilders

The Danish People’s Party and the Conservative Party both want to invite Mr Wilders to a conference in Copenhagen in June on the theme of freedom of speech and radicalization.


However, the Liberal Alliance Party, the smallest in the Danish parliament, which is co-organizing the conference with the Danish Peoples’ Party, strongly disagrees and is planning to block the invitation. The party’s chairman, Anders Samuelson, told the Politiken newspaper that

“We don’t want to make this conference into some sort of freak show, to which we simply call in those who can create most trouble on the streets, simply to show how brave we are.”


A co-organizer of a conference whose main focus is “freedom of speech and radicalization” attempting to block the invite of  Geert Wilders who has proven  beyond a shadow of a doubt Islam is anti-free speech. *BLINK*

Naser Khader of the Connservative Party disagrees, saying

“If we all agreed on freedom of speech, there would be no reason to hold the conference. The point is that we have a problem in that some people want to limit freedom of speech globally. If it is not a problem for freedom of speech that England has refused entry to a member of parliament of another EU country, then I don’t understand anything.”

Bingo! If  “Anders Samuelson” does not want to tackle the topic head on he should not bother being involved. Samuelson is caving to the very threat the conference will be addressing.  Mind boggling! Anders if you can’t fight with the big dogs stay on the porch. Your involvement is counter-productive to the mission.

The above news of Geert Wilders lends itself as a perfect segue to this next entry…


Honorary Hamas Terrorist British MP George Galloway

George Galloway receives his new Palestinian Passport from Hamas leader Hania.

All that is left is for Galloway to do is pack his bags and slither on over to Palestine. Good riddance!

In related George Galloway news. He has been denied entry to Canada over “national security concerns”

The firebrand (terrorist enabler) MP was to give a speech in Toronto at the end of the month.

Galloway funding Hamas terror Click image for video at Live Leak

George Galloway funding Hamas terror

But a spokesman for Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney told AFP he was deemed inadmissible by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) for having given cash and vehicles to the Hamas-run government in the Gaza Strip, which is listed here as a banned terrorist group.

Should Galloway be banned from entering Canada? You make the call.

In an ironic twist of hypocrisy Galloway had this to say about Geert Wilders being denied entry into the UK.(Included in the above video below look for it at the :46 time mark)

“My thoughts are this. Freedom of speech is not absolute. And I believe this man Wilders from Holland is a racist hater of Muslims, a hater of Islam and he shouldn’t be allowed into our country to whip up that hatred. We have enough problems  So unusually I fully support the British Government decision to ban him and send him back to Holland today. And shame on those Parliamentarians or members of the House of Lords who were sitting waiting for him. “

News report of Galloway being banned in Canada
Including clips of Galloway funding Hamas terror and other shocking video clips such as saluting Saddam Hussein and meeting with Saddam’s son Uday.
Embedded video

It seems Georgie is as much of a Muslim as anything. Defending Islam is free speech while speaking out against the threat of Islam is hateful and racist. He should convert already! After all George spends most of his days on his knees bowing, he may as well make it official.

  1. rick kanis permalink
    April 14, 2009 1:07 am

    Well said!!!! That no brain politician that wants to be walked over by the koran has no right to enter Canada!….On the other hand, Geert Wilders that totally spreads facts and knows how to back them up,should come here to Canadda and wake up some people.


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